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1444 S 10th St,
Noblesville, IN 46060

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We pride ourselves on the quality of our business. Here's just a few ways that we go to work for you.


We hand pick each car, whether we are buying from the dealer auction or from a private party.


Each vehicle is carefully inspected and serviced to ensure that it meets our highest standards.


Fill out our secure loan application and one of our financial consultants will get in touch with you shortly.


Our mission is to provide the best customer service while facilitating a fun, hassle-free car buying experience.

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Omega Auto Sports

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Check out what our customers are saying about Omega Auto Sports.

"The team at Omega Auto Sports was knowledgeable and friendly! They made the auto shopping experience a breeze. I will definitely be buying here again!"

- John G.

"I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. No matter where you need, Omega Auto Sports is the best around!"

- Vivien Z.

"If you aren't sure, always go to Omega Auto Sports. They helped me get the perfect car!"

- Kathleen H.

"Definitely recommend for anyone looking to buy their first car. Omega Auto Sports really work with you to give you the best deal!"

- Sergio C.
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Omega Auto Sports

1444 S 10th St,
Noblesville, IN 46060

(317) 770-6949